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Top 12 Best Things To Do in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is located in the southern Netherlands and is the second largest city in the country after the capital Amsterdam with a population of approximately 630,000. Rotterdam has been a major city for many hundreds of years and has always served as a large…

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Top 8 Best Parks in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a green city that has many parks, gardens and green spaces. From sunbathing and picnics in the summer, to refreshing walks in the winter, there’s always a reason to visit one of Rotterdam’s parks. As well as being…

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Top 10 Architectural Highlights in Rotterdam

In the first half of the 20th century, Rotterdam looked like a very different place. The effects of the Second World War tragically left the Dutch port city battered after heavy bombing. Fast forward to 2018 and Rotterdam looks almost…

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Euromast Rotterdam

Visit the Euromast in Rotterdam Euromast is an observation tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands, designed by Hugh Maaskant constructed between 1958 and 1960. It was specially built for the 1960 Floriade, and is a listed monument since 2010. It should be…

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Rotterdam Port

Visit the Rotterdam Port The world’s third biggest and Europe’s biggest port is located in Rotterdam. The Rotterdam port ranks third behind Asian giants, Shanghai and Singapore ports being first and second respectively. The Rotterdam port has been a pivotal…

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Erasmus Bridge

Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam The Erasmus Bridge (Dutch: Erasmusbrug) is a combined cable-stayed and bascule bridge in the centre of Rotterdam, connecting the north and south parts of this city, second largest in the Netherlands. The bridge was named after Desiderius Erasmus a.k.a. Erasmus of Rotterdam, a prominent Christian renaissance humanist. History The 802-metre-long…

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World Museum Rotterdam

World Museum Rotterdam The World Museum in Rotterdam (in Dutch: Wereldmuseum) is a museum about the different cultures in past and present and displays art and items from all over the world. The permanent exhibition called ‘The Collection’ shows 2000 top pieces…

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Miniworld Rotterdam

Miniworld Rotterdam The largest indoor miniature world in the Benelux. Visitors are amazed by the mini landscapes, mini residents, mini trains and a mini Rotterdam. The Dutch polder landscapes are interspersed with the Rotterdam port and industrial area and the…

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Netherlands Fotomuseum

Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam The Nederlands Fotomuseum focuses on photography in the broadest sense of the word. By doing so, the museum wants to show the diversity of forms of photography. Not only as an artistic form of expression, but also…

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Museum Rotterdam

Museum Rotterdam Museum Rotterdam was founded in 1905 as Museum of Antiquities, by a bourgeois elite that wanted to educate Rotterdam’s growing working class population, attracted by the development of the transit port. It later became the Historical Museum of Rotterdam…

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