Rotterdam Port

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The world’s third biggest and Europe’s biggest port is located in Rotterdam. The Rotterdam port ranks third behind Asian giants, Shanghai and Singapore ports being first and second respectively.

The Rotterdam port has been a pivotal marine infrastructural point in Europe right from the last 13th century where a hamlet was created specifically to cater to the fishing industry of that era.

Port Facts

Having an area of over 100 square kilometers, the Rotterdam port has a length of 40 kilometers with a pier length of about 89  kilometers. Along with more than 20 moor-ages and over 120 bulwarks, the Rotterdam port has nearly 95 depots disambiguated  for liquid and dry cargo, cruise liners and also for vessels navigating internally. Along with this, the port also has tug boat facilities (29) and piloting boat facilities (six).

Visitor Information

Visitors who want a more in-depth experience of the port can explore by bike, or take a guided tour with an expert who knows all the ins and outs of Rotterdam’s port. Experiencing the river by taking a boat trip is even more fun. Take a water taxi or go on a sailing tour of the port with the Spido: the 75-minute boat tour through the port of Rotterdam runs all year round, offering a short, intense impression of the container terminals in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Port Map


Address: Willemsplein 85, Rotterdam (Click for map)